New Orleans Saints History has been a source of memories for New Orleans Saints Fans for over 10 years now. Some good …. some not so good, but always lots of history for Saints fans. Highlights, schedules and rosters from every New Orleans Saints NFL Season. From the very beginning in 1967 through the years of Archie Manning, Jim Mora and the Dome Patrol, Jim Haslett and Katrina and right up to Drew Brees, Sean Payton and the historic Super Bowl 44 win over the Colts.
Along with Saints schedules and yearly highlights we have tons of pictures of Saints players in our New Orleans Saints Image Gallery and up-to-date All-Time New Orleans Saints Leaders in Offensive and Defensive Statistical categories. Here at New Orleans Saints History we also have many New Orleans Saints Yearbooks in PDF format. We’ve even been adding articles and New Orleans Saints Videos.
So if you’ve been a Saints fan from the old days, look around and enjoy the memories. If you’re a new Saints fan you can see just how far we’ve come since the days of the Bagheads and Big Ben. Or, if your just a fan of NFL history you’ll like the pictures and coverage of the “Old School NFL” we have plenty of that as well. But one thing is sure, New Orleans Saints History is a great site for any Pro Football fan.
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New Orleans Saints Receiver Marcus Colston has never made the Pro Bowl

One of the reasons for the Saints success these past few years has been the addition of Marcus Colston. Entering his 8th NFL season Marcus Colston has established himself as the #1 Saints receiver.

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I don’t know how many of you realize, but New Orleans Saints History has been around for quite awhile. I’ve actually had the highlights and schedules up since the mid-90s when Mike Ditka was the head coach.
Well, as you can see, I’ve finally gotten around to going to a more modern format. And along with the new look, I’ve pulled out all the stops and gotten a FaceBook Page as well as a Google Plus Page to go with the site. If you’d like to check them out:
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I’d love to hear from some of you so feel free to join me there. Be sure to plus me or like me or whatever you want.

The Top 10 All-Time New Orleans Saints Records!

New Oreans Saints Tight End Jimmy Graham

The All-time New Orleans Saints Top-10 Lists.
And, as you would expect, there has been plenty of movement where Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham and the rest of the Saints offense is concerned. There’s even some developments with defense! Marcus Colston is now the franchises Top All Time Receiver in Catches, Receiving Yards and Touchdown Catches. Pierre Thomas moves up the #4 running back in yards rushing. He passed over the likes of Reuben Mayes and Chuck Muncie to get there. Take a few minutes to look over these lists. I bet you haven’t thought about some of theses guys in awhile!

You can view a summary of all the Changes to the New Orleans Saints Top 10 Records here.

Who Remembers Sammy Knight?

Sammy Knight of the New Orleans Saints

I’d love to start a little something on New Orleans Saints History. In the past there have been several Saints teams have been less than outstanding. That doesn’t mean our players haven’t been outstanding.
One thing I’ve always tried to do with this site is point out those players that are deserving of attention despite the team win/loss record those years.
Here I’d like to bring some attention to a ball-hawking safety that was signed as a free agent during the Ditka years out of USC that would go on to be the #3 All-Time Saints leader in interceptions.