1987 New Orleans Saints Defense

1987 New Orleans Saints Defense

1987 New Orleans Saints Sack Leaders

Pat Swilling 10.5
Rickey Jackson 9.5
Frank Warren 6
Jim Wilks 5.5
Bruce Clark 4.5
Larry McCoy 2
Brett Maxie 2
Tony Elliott 2
Bill Leach 1.5
Patrick Swoopes 1
Vaughn Johnson 1
Joe Deforest 1
Derrick Taylor 0.5
Totals 47

1987 New Orleans Saints Interception Leaders

NO Yards Average TDs
Dave Waymer 5
Reggie Sutton 5
Milton Mack 4
Brett Maxie 3
Van Jakes 3
Gene Atkins 3
Rickey Jackson 2
Vaughn Johnson 1
Antonio Gibson 1
Scott Leach 1
Pat Swilling 1
Johnnie Poe 1
Totals 30

1987 New Orleans Saints Defense


I've been following the Saints since a kid in the 70s watching the likes of Archie Manning and Tommy Myers. We may not have as grandiose a history as some NFL teams, but there are scores of memories the New Orleans Saints have given to their fans and I have done my best to record them here at New Orleans Saints History.

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