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Jim Taylor and Gary Cuozzo of the 1967 New Orleans Saints

2 of the big names signed by the latest team to join the NFL in 1966.

Jim Taylor had been an All-American at LSU in the late 50s and a consistent All-Pro with the Vince Lombardi and the Green Packer Dynasty of the 60s. After 9 seasons and over 8000 yards with Green Bay Jim Taylor requested to join the expansion Saints. He played his last year in the NFL with them in 1967.

Gary Cuozzo joined the Baltimore Colts as free agent from Virginia in 1963 and played 4 years as a back-up to Johnny Unitas. He was expected to take over the quarterback reigns when he joined the Saints in 1967. He split those duties with Billy Kilmer passing for 1562 yards and 7 touchdowns.


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