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New Orleans Saints with Black Helmets in 1969

Billy Kilmer drops back to pass against the Houston Oilers in 1969 preseason action. He wears an "illegal" version of a Black New Orleans Saints Helmet.
Saints Owner John Mecom Jr. went against NFL regulations at the start of the 1969 preseason and supplied his team with black helmets that had not been approved by league officials.
By the beginning of regular season play the sanctioned gold helmets were back on the field.


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  • Garth Ranzz on 2014-Jun-18 08:36:48 Garth Ranzz said

    That story does not hold water..............NFL PROPERTIES .....Mike Gaines ....Rodger Atkins Dave Boss
    all had to approvel the helmet 8 monthe before the nfl Season started ...otherwise companies like Tudor electric football ...gum ball helmets/ pennants posters (drawn by Dave Boss -nflp artist) would have time to get theses "black helnet"
    into production before the season- a bettrer question is how the NFL LET THEM SWITCH BACK TO GOLD.

    everything and I mean everything NFL had to get approval need to read The Unforgetable Buzz
    by Shores AND Garcia
  • Phil on 2014-Jun-18 09:59:58 Phil said

    That's the whole point.
    Mecom DIDN'T get approval from the NFL front office before these helmets were handed out. From what little I know the NFL had already sanctioned the gold helmets so Mecom was told to ditch the black ones. Apparently the Saints had a farm club and they ended up with the black ones.
  • Garth Ranzz on 2014-Jun-18 13:50:32 Garth Ranzz said

    No you are missing the point- NFL properties was an extension of All the teams in the NFL IN 1969
    manufactures went first to the "front office" in NYC where they were awarded an NFL license to produce an NFL product ie: Electric football -mini helmets etc. (at which point the uniforms were already established for that year months prior to the season and approved by the NFL)
    Then they had to take that same product to NFLP(California ) and at that point the colors were approved -... NFLP=NFL- ....Which is why there are so many different companies that produced black helmet saints that year- the story is just not correct.

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