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After just 4 years as a Saint, Drew holds numerous New Orleans Saints team records including most yards passing in a season and most touchdowns passing in a season.

The questions were:
1) What were the previous New Orleans Saints team records of Most Yards and Most Touchdowns in a Season?
2) When were they were set?
3) Who were the two Saints that Drew Brees surpassed?

The Answers are:

The Previous record of Most Yards Passing in a Season: 3970 - Jim Everett in 1995.

Jim Everett held the Saints record of most yards passing in a season for 13 years

Jim Everett joined the Saints in 1994 after 8 seasons with the Los Angeles Rams. In 1995 he broke Archie Manning's record of most yards passing in a season with 3970 (he also threw for 26 touchdowns that year, setting that record too).
After 3 very productive seasons, Everett was released before the 1997 training camp without even being given a chance to compete.New head coach Mike Ditka took over, he made it known that Heath Shuler would be the new Saints signal caller instead of Everett.

The Previous Record of Most TDs Passing in a Season: 27 - Aaron Brooks in 2002.

Aaron Brooks set a new Saints team record of 27 passing touchdowns in 2002

When Jeff Blake went down in 2000, Aaron Brooks stepped into New Orleans Saints History and electrified Saints fans as he lead the Saints to their first ever playoff victory over the St. Louis Rams that same year. Originally a fourth-round pick in 1999, Green Bay traded Brooks and TE Lamont Hall to the Saints for a back-up linebacker and a third round pick in the 2001 draft.
In 2002 he broke Jim Everett's record when he passed for 27 touchdowns.
Despite his tumultuous and controversial career at New Orleans, Aaron Brooks left his mark in the Saints record books. When he was released in favor of Drew Brees after 2005 he held many Saints team records including most passing yards in a game and most passing touchdowns in a season and career.

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