Got a question or a comment? I'd love to hear from you. I just need to point out a couple of things first.
#1--- If you're asking about someone that may have played for the Saints please have have as much information as possible.
1) FULL Name.
2) Years played.
3) Position played.
The name of the college he attended would be useful as well. If you asking me something like, "I meet this guy in a bar. Says his name is Greg and he played for the Saints back around 1988, is he lying?" or "My friend's neighbor has a cousin that says he meet a guy that says he was #45". I will not be able to confirm nor deny it. (Don't laugh, I get them all the time.)
#2--- I am not in the sports memoribilia business. I am unable to give you a value on that helmet you picked at that garage sale with Tom Dempsey's autograph or any other Saints Memoribilia. My advice would be to search Google or Ebay.
And finally, as I am not associated with the Saints or the NFL in any way, I am unable to relay personal messages to players (including past players) or set up speaking engagements for them. (Again, don't laugh, I have actually received such requests).
Now, having said all that, if you still have something to say, I'd still love to hear from you. If you have a Saints or NFL related site, and want to exchange links, be sure to include the address of your site. If your an advertiser for NFL tickets or NFL related merchandise contact me for rates and conditions.

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