Tony Galbreath blocking for Chuck Muncie

Thunder and Lightning Tony Galbreath and Chuck Muncie 1979 New Orleans Saints
Thunder and Lightning
Tony Galbreath and Chuck Muncie

By the late 70s the New Orleans Saints offense was beginning to churn out some production. Not only was the passing game beginning to flourish but the running game as well was coming into it’s own as well. Probably for the first time in 10 years the Saints had a fullback/halfback combination that move the ball. Nick named “Thunder and Lightning” the backfield of fullback Tony Galbreath and halfback Chuck Muncie was setting new records. Along with back-up Mike Strachan New Orleans would rank #6 in the NFL in rushing yards and #1 in rushing touchdowns.
Here is the 1979 game against Atlanta, played at the Louisiana Super Dome. What makes that game so significant was the 37-6 blowout victory ended a 3-game losing streak to the Falcons. Muncie, Galbreath and Strachan each had a touchdown in the game.

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