New Orleans Saints History

Year-by-Year History of the New Orleans Saints

Top 10 All Time New Orleans Saints Lists – Most Punts in a Career

Player Punts Years
Tommy Barnhardt 515 1987, 89-94, 99
Tom Blanchard 447 1974-1978
Brian Hanson 363 1984-1988
Thomas Morstead 354 2009-2014
Russell Erxlebean 279 1979-1983
Mitch Berger 227 2003-2005
Jutdan Fagan 225 1970-1972
Toby Gowin 211 2000-2002
Mark Royals 176 1997-1998
Klaus Wilmsmeyer 160 1995-1996
Tom McNeill 130 1967-1969


I've been following the Saints since a kid in the 70s watching the likes of Archie Manning and Tommy Myers. We may not have as grandiose a history as some NFL teams, but there are scores of memories the New Orleans Saints have given to their fans and I have done my best to record them here at New Orleans Saints History.

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