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New Orleans Saints History is a site dedicated to all the Who Dat Faithful that waited patiently for almost 45 years to see our Saints win an NFL Championship. We may not have won many games – but we supported our team.

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Fleur di Lis at 40 Episode #2

In an effort to bring professional football to New Orleans both the AFL scheduled the 1965 All Star game to be played in Tulane Stadium – but things get racially ugly.

The New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons Rivalry – the Early Years

Saints vs Falcons rivalry: In the beginning (1967-79). A repost of Allen Ulrich’s excellent article discussing the early days of the New Orleans Saints – Atlanta Falcons rivalry. Keep up with all of Allen’s work at the Under the Dome Podcast. The Falcons and Saints were born one year apart –the Falcons first season was

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New Orleans Saints 1979 NFL Season Highlights

The 1979 New Orleans Saints Season

Team statistics from the 1979 New Orleans Saints regular NFL season. Chuck Muncie became the first Saint to rush for 1000 yards while Wes Chandler had over a thousand yards on 65 catches. Tommy Myers had 7 interceptions.

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