1973 New Orleans Saints NFL Season

The 1973 New Orleans Saints Season Schedule

Regular Season
Sept 16 Falcons L 7-62
Sep 24 Cowboys L 3-40
Sep 30 Colts L 10-14
Oct 6 Bears W 21-16
Oct 13 Lions W 20-13
Oct 20 49ers L 0-40
Oct 27 Redskins W 19-3
Nov 4 Bills W 13-0
Nov 11 Rams L 7-29
Nov 18 Chargers L 14-17
Nov 25 Rams L 13-24
Dec 2 Packers L 17-30
Dec 9 49ers W 16-10
Dec 16 Falcons L 10-14

Derland Moore as a rookie in 1973

1973 New Orleans Saints Rookie Derland Moore

5 Wins 9 Loses
Coach: John North
First Round Draft Pick: None (Traded to Baltimore for Billy Newsome)


Yet again, the New Orleans Saints saw fit to trade the year’s first round pick of the draft away. This time it was with Baltimore to bring defensive lineman Billy Newsome in. Newsome would stay with the Saints for the next 2 years. But the second round pick did bring in another defensive lineman; Derland Moore from Oklahoma. Moore would stay with the Saints for 13 years and set the team record for games played with 169.

Things started badly for new coach John North and the 1973 New Orleans Saints, getting blown out by Atlanta 62-7* in the opener. In week 2, against Dallas, we played our second ever Monday Night Football Game. Not only did the Saints get blown out 40-3, but it would be wide receiver Danny Abramowicz’s last game as a Saints.

Getting things together, they did manage to win 5 before the end of the year, including a 19-3 upset of Washington. Against Buffalo, the Saints would record their first ever shut-out. The defense held O.J. Simpson to only 79 yards on the ground. It was the year Simpson would become the first player to rush for over 2,000 yards in a season.

New acquisitions Jess Phillips (from Cincinnati) and John Beasley (from Minnesota) led the team in rushing and receiving. Phillips had 663 yards (198 carries) and Beasley had 32 catches-283 yards-2 TDs. Bob Newland led in receiving yards with 489 on 29 catches and 4 TDs.

Manning’s numbers: 267 att, 140 completions, 52% completed, 1642 yards, 10 TDs & 12 interceptions.


*An interesting story I’ve heard is that after this loss, Coach John North placed the entire team on waivers….. and had no takers.

1973 New Orleans Stats
1973 New Orleans Saints Roster

The New Orleans Defense held OJ Simpson to just 79 yards in 1973

The Saints had their first ever shut-out against OJ Simpson and the Buffalo Bills. Simpson had a season low 79 yards while setting a new NFL record in 1973 rushing for 2003 yards.

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