1974 Saints – Tommy Myers and Jim Merlo

Tommy Myers & Jim Merlo Stop a Falcon Runner in 1974
Jim Merlo (#57) and Tommy Myers (#37) Run Down Falcon Art Malone (#25)

Some 1974 New Orleans Saints – Atlanta Falcons gameplay.

For the 1974 NFL season the Saints  actually put together a decent defense.  Just 5 victories were realized but the problems seemed to be more with the New Orleans Saints offense. Archie Manning and crew managed less than 12 points a game and were shut out not just once but twice – against the Rams and Dolphins. The Saints defense on the other hand, gave up less than 19 points a game and ranked at the upper end in just about every major category.  They even managed a shutout of their own against the St. Louis Cardinals in week 13. Yardage-wise they were 7th best at giving up the least real estate and the 37 sacks was 5th best in the NFL.

In the above picture from the Who Dat History Archives we have 2 fan favorites from New Orleans Saints History – Free Safety Tom Myers and line backer Jim Merlo – as they move in to stop Atlanta Falcons runner Art Malone. It’s from the 13-3 win over Atlanta and marked the first time the Saints swept a divisional opponent.  Myers was a solid fixture in the Saints defensive backfield for 10 seasons, even earning a spot in the 1979 NFL Pro Bowl. His 36 interceptions still ranks #2 on the Saints All-Time Interception List. Jim Merlo spent 6 years with the Saints starting 68 games. He had a total of 8 picks in his career – 3 of those went for scores. And, believe it or not, those 8 steals are the most interceptions in Saints Franchise History for New Orleans Saints Linebackers.

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