1982 New Orleans Saints Offensive Statistics

Offensive Statistics of New Orleans Saints Players for the 1982 NFL Regular Season

Passing Stats

 AttemptsCompletions%YardsYds./AttLongestTdsIntRatingSacked/Yards Lost
Ken Stabler18911761.9%13437.114861071.813/-106
Guido Merkins491836.7%1863.8371238.38/-49
Archie Manning7114.330.43020.02/-18
Russell Erxleben2150%3919.539t1019.50/0
Jack Holmes100.0000000.00/0

Rushing Statistics

George Rodgers1225354.4383
Wayne Wilson1034134.0203
Jim Rodgers601783.0322
Hokie Gajan19774.1120
Guido Merkens9303.3190
Toussaint Tyler10212.1110
Jack Holmes284.050
Aundra Thompson122.020
Jeff Groth111.010
Lindsey Scott1-4-4.0-40
Ken Stabler3-4-1.3 0

Receiving Statistics

Jeff Groth3038312.7391
Wayne Wilson251757.0342
Lindsay Scott1725114.8360
Hoby Brenner1617110.7250
Kenny Ducket1219616.3312
Aundra Thompson813817.3481
Larry Hardy8678.4311
Rich Mauti47017.5370
Toussaint Tyler4317.8120
George Rodgers4215.3100
Jim Rodgers4174.360
Hokie Gajan3103.390
Bill Hurley13939.039t1
Jack Holmes122.020

Punting Stats

Russell Erxleben4643.060

Kicking Stats

Toni Fritsh8989%4757%4520
Morten Andersen66100%2540%3612
Russell Erxleben11100%010%1
New Orleans Saints Leading Rusher in 1982 - George Rogers
George Rogers

1982 Total Offense Statistics

Points Avg PPG Yards Avg YPG Plays Avg 1st Downs Turnovers NFL Rank NFC Rank
Totals 129 14.3 2655 295.0 602 4.4 173 24 20† 11†
†Offensive Rankings based on Total Yards gained – (only 9 regular season games played in 1982)

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