1983 New Orleans Saints Offensive Statistics

Offensive Statistics of New Orleans Saints Players for the 1983 NFL Regular Season

Passing Stats

 AttemptsCompletions%YardsLongestYds./AttTdsIntRatingSacked/Yards Lost
Kenny Stabler31117656.5%1988486.391861.418/-159
Dave Wilson1126658.9%770426.85768.717/-146
Russell Erxleben11100%242424.000118.70/0
Hokie Gajan100.0000.00039.60/0

Rushing Statistics

George Rodgers25611444.576t5
Wayne Wilson1997874.0299
Hokie Gajan814155.1584
Jim Rodgers26803.1130
Tim Wilson8212.670
Cliff Austin4164.050
Guido Merkins11616.0160
Jeff Groth11515.0150
Eugene Goodlow133.030
Dave Wilson530.651
Russell Erxleben2-9-4.510
Ken Stabler9-14-1.600
Kenny Ducket2-16-8.020

Receiving Statistics

Jeff Groth4958511.9421
Hoby Brenner4157414.038t3
Eugene Goodlow4148711.9262
Linsay Scott2427411.4350
Wayne Wilson201788.9242
Kenny Ducket1928314.9482
Hokie Gajan171307.6260
George Rodgers12695.8220
Tyrone Young78512.1323
John Tice7334.712t1
Rich Mauti23015.0230
Larry Hardy22914.5220
Cliff Austin22512.5180

Punting Stats

Russell Erxleben7441.060
Guido Merkens436.045
Punting Totals7840.760

Kicking Stats

XP XPA % FG Attempts % Points Longest
Morten Andersen 37 38 97% 18 24 75% 91 50
Saints Quarterback Kenny Stabler in 1983
Kenny Stabler
Russell Erxlebean 1983 Saints Punter
Saints Punter Russell Erxlebean

1983 Total Offense Statistics

Points Avg PPG Yards Avg YPG Plays Avg 1st Downs Turnovers NFL Rank NFC Rank
Totals 319 19.9 4938 308.6 1055 4.7 286 47 †23 †9
†Offensive Rankings based on Total Yards gained

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