1989 New Orleans Saints Defensive Statistics

1989 New Orleans Saints Sack Leaders

Pat Swilling+16.5
Frank Warren9.5
Rickey Jackson7.5
Jim Wilks4
Sam Mills3
Wayne Martin2.5
Milton Mack1
Vaughn Johnson+1
Jumpy Geathers1
Toi Cook1
  • + – Pro Bowl Selection


Dave Waymer66611.0420
Robert Massey5265.2220
Brett Maxie34113.726t1
Toi Cook38127.063t1
Milton Mack20000
Pat Swilling+11414.0140
Gene Atkins1-2-2.0-20
  • + – Pro Bowl Selection

Top Tacklers

Sam Mills 95
Robert Massey 87
Vaughan Johnson+ 83
Gene Atkins 76
Pat Swilling+ 56
Toi Cook 56
Frank Warren 50
Rickey Jackson 47
Brett Maxie 41
Milton Mack 36
Jumpy Geathers 23
Wayne Martin 18
Bennie Thompson 3
  • + – Pro Bowl Selection
Rookie Robert Massey in 1989 with the New Orleans Saints
Rookie Robert Massey had 5 interceptions in 1989.

1989 New Orleans Saints Total Defense

Points AVG PPG Yards AVG YPG Plays Avg/Play 1st Downs Turnovers NFL Rank NFC Rank
Totals 301 18.8 5186 324.1 997 5.2 293 39 12† 7†
†Defensive Rankings based on Total Yards given up.
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