1989 New Orleans Saints Offense

Offensive Statistics of New Orleans Saints 1989 NFL Regular Season

Passing Statistics

Bobby Hebert35322262.9%268654t7.61515
John Fourcade1076157.0%93054t8.674
Dalton Hilliard+11100%3535t35.011
Lonzell Hill00000000
Team Passing Totals28446161.6365154t7.92319
  • + – Pro Bowl Selection

Rushing Statistics

Dalton Hilliard+34412623.74013
Craig Heyward491833.7151
Buford Jordan381794.7323
Paul Frazier251124.5211
John Fourcade14916.5111
Bobby Hebert25873.5140
Bobby Morse24321.5390
Floyd Turner284.060
Lonzell Hill1-7-7.0-70
Brett Perriman1-10-10.0-100
George Winslow100.000
Team Rushing Totals50219483.94019
  • + – Pro Bowl Selection

Receiving Statistics

Eric Martin68109016.053t8
Dalton Hilliard+525149.954t5
Lonzell Hill4863613.3464
Hoby Brenner3439811.730t4
Floyd Turner2227912.754t1
Brett Perriman2035617.8470
Craig Heyward13695.3120
John Tice99810.9231
Greg Scales88911.1260
Buford Jordan45313.3170
Paul Frazier3258.3220
Derrick Shepard23618.0230
Toi Cook188.080
  • + – Pro Bowl Selection

Punting Statistics

Number Average Longest
Tommy Barndhart 55 39.6 56
George Winslow 16 37.2 50
Team Punting Totals 71 39.1 56

Kicking Statistics

XP XPA % FG Att % Points Long
Morten Andersen 44 45 97.8% 20 29 69% 104 49
Bobby Hebert 1989 New Orleans Saints Quarterback
Bobby Hebert
New Orleans Saints quarterback John Fourcade in 1989
John Fourcade
1989 Dalton Hilliard Saints versus Bills
Dalton Hilliard

1989 Total Offense Statistics

Points AvgPPG Yards Avg YPG Plays Avg YPP 1stDowns Turnovers NFL Rank NFC Rank
Totals 386 24.1 5328 333 999 6.0 304 31 11 6
†Offensive Rankings based on Total Yards gained.
Steve Trapilo blocks for Dalton Hilliard in 1989
Steve Trapilo leads for Dalton Hilliard
Morten Andersen kicks a 49-yard field goal against 49ers in 1989
Morten Andersen

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