The 5 Greatest Saints Pass-Rushers of All-Time – Honors 5 of the Best Pass Rushers in New Orleans Saints History

  • Rickey Jackson 1992 New Orleans Saints Skybox Card
    Rickey Jackson
  • Wayne Martin 1998 New Orleans Saints Topps Card
    Wayne Martin
  • Pat Swilling 1990 New Orleans Saints Fleer Card
    Pat Swilling
  • Will Smith 2010 New Orleans Saints Topps Card
    Will Smith
  • Frank Warren 1991 New Orleans Saints Pinnacle Card
    Frank Warren

New Orleans Saints Defenses. We as Saints fans have come to love and hate them throughout the years. Those of us who have been following Saints football for awhile know that we have had our share of great New Orleans Saints defenses and great Saints defensive players to go along with them. Here’s an article that I found on 5 of those great Who Dat warriors at and well worth the read. It covers a little of the careers of the following Black and Gold legends that head up the New Orleans Saints All-Time Career Sack Leaders.

  • Rickey Jackson
  • Wayne Martin
  • Pat Swilling
  • Will Smith
  • Frank Warren

The Top 5 All-Time New Orleans Saints Career Sack Leaders

Career Sacks Years Best Year Pro Bowls
Rickey Jackson 115 1981-1993 1992 (13.5 sacks) 6
Wayne Martin 82.5 1989-1999 1992 (15.5 sacks) 1
Pat Swilling 76.5 1986-1992 1991 (17 sacks) 4
Will Smith 67.5 2004-2012 2009 (13 sacks) 1
Frank Warren 52.5 1981-1994 1989 (7 sacks) 11

The 5 Greatest Saints Pass-Rushers of All-Time

Author: Barry Hirstius

As the New Orleans Saints celebrate and pay homage to their 50th year of the franchise’s history, there have been a variety of tributes featuring some of the franchise’s greatest moments, as well as the players who were responsible for making those moments happen.

Throughout the summer and until the Saints finally get to Training Camp late next month in West Virginia, here at the Big Easy Believer we will be taking a special look back at some of the franchise’s most memorable personalities, and the special times that binds them forever to the Black and Gold.

So it’s with that in mind, that today we kick off the summer-long series with the 5 Greatest Saints Pass-Rushers of All-Time; featuring the Top 5 Sack Leaders, in Saints history.

And we begin with late, great former Saints legend……

the rest of the article can be read here…………

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