Archie Manning as a Rookie in 1971

Rookie Archie manning

Probably one of the most endeared Saint Players of all time. Ole Miss alumni Archie joined the Saints in 1971 and played with them until 1982 when Bum Phillips decided to trade him to Houston for aging offensive lineman Leon Gray.

When he left, Archie held virtually every passing record in the Saint books.

Here is Archie as a rookie in 1971 against San Fransisco.


I've been following the Saints since a kid in the 70s watching the likes of Archie Manning and Tommy Myers.
We may not have as grandiose a history as some NFL teams, but there are scores of memories the New Orleans Saints have given to their fans and I have done my best to record them here at New Orleans Saints History.

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  1. I loved when mr.manning played with our saints,it was to bad he never had players that would protect him.

  2. A lot of people feel that way. And not just Saint fans.
    1978 and 1979 were arguably Archie’s best seasons in pro football. With a decent backfield, competent receiving corps and an outstanding offensive line he passed for over 6500 yards and 32 tds those seasons and made the Pro Bowl those years.

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