Billy Kilmer throws 6 Touchdown Passes

New Orleans Saints quarterback Billy Kilmer winds up to throw over on-rushing Cardinal line Chuck Walker (#79) in the 1969 Classic Cardinals-Saints game where a total of 12 touchdown passes were thrown between Kilmer and Cardinals signal caller Charley Johnson – each quarterback threw 6 a piece. The only margin was a 1-yard Ernie Wheelwright plunge and the Saints pulled it out over St. Louis 51-42.

 It was as if neither defense show up. As well as a total of 13 touchdowns scored there was almost 1000 yards of Total Offense. Kilmer ended up with 345 passing yards, Johnson had  374.  There were no sacks by either team but the Saints did manage to force 4 turnovers.

This ended up being a shot in the arm for the Saints. They came into this game 0-6 looking for their first win of the season and finished up winning 4 of the last 7 games to close out the 1969 NFL season with a 5-9 record – the best yet for a third year expansion team. 

Quite ironic though was the fate of Saints hero Billy Kilmer. Despite an impressive win he would be with another team by 1971 – the Washington Redskins. As a Redskin his career took a turn when future Hall of famer Sonny Jurgensen went down with an injury and Kilmer stepped in and took over. In 1972 he would lead Washington to a Super Bowl. He stayed with the Redskins until 1977.

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