Cam Jordan is #1 in Saints History for Quarterback Sacks

most Quarterback Sacks in New Orleans Saints History

So after 11 seasons New Orleans Saints Defensive End Cam Jordan has surpassed Dome Patrol Legend Rickey Jackson for the #1 spot of the Most Quarterback Sacks in New Orleans Saints History. On the Officially recognized list Jordan is now a half-sack ahead of Jackson at the conclusion of the 2022 season. 

New Orleans Saints Defensive Tackle La'Roi Glover
La'Roi Glover is #8 with 50 sacks.

As far as the rest of the current New Orleans Saints Defense goes, no one is even close to getting on the Top 10 List. Of members still present on the team, Demario Davis, going into his 12th year in the NFL and his 6th in New Orleans  has 22½ sacks with the Saints.

Cam Jordan 115.52011-2022
Rickey Jackson☨1151981-1993
Wayne Martin ☨82.51989-1999
Pat Swilling ☨76.51986-1992
Will Smith ☨67.52004-2012
Frank Warren ☨52.51981-1994
Joe Johnson ☨50.51994-2001
La Roi Glover ☨501997-2001
Charles Grant47.02002-2009
Jim Wilks ☨45.51981-1993
Darren Howard44.52000-2005
Renaldo Turnbull44.51990-1996
Bruce Clark39.51982-1988
  • Bold Text – Currently Still Active on Team
  • ☨ – Member of New Orleans Saints Hall of Fame
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