Craig “Iron Head” Heyward | Saints Rookie in 1988

260-Pound Fullback Craig Heyward

 The New Orleans Saints 1st-round pick of 1988 – Craig Heyward, Heisman Trophy candidate from Pitt.

 While he may not have lived up to his high-draft-pick status he was nonetheless a very productive player for the Black and Gold from 1988 to 1992. During that time he had 2301 total yards rushing and receiving averaging 4.6 yards a touch. Had 14 scores too as a Saint. He eventually went on to play for the one season with the  Bears before joining the Falcons where he actually had a 1,000+ yard season in 1995 that got him a Pro Bowl selection. After brief stays with the Colts and Rams he left Pro Ball after being diagnosed with bone cancer inn 1998. Craig Heyward passed away in 2006 after suffering a stroke and developing an inoperable brain tumor. His son, Cameron Heyward is an All Pro Defensive Tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

 The picture above is from Craig’s rookie year during the New Orleans Saints 1988 Season against the Seattle Seahawks. The Saints had a total of 145 rushing yards and Heyward contributed 63 of them in the 20-19 Saints victory.

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