Deuce & Reggie’s 1-2 Punch

2006 was an exciting year for Saint’s fans. Sean Payton had just come to town and taken over the catastrophe Jim Haslett left. One of the things Payton brought to New Orleans was an offensive philosophy that was always on the attack. Drew Brees and the receivers kept an constant aerial bombardment going. But that wasn’t all. He provided the perfect complimentary running game in the form of Deuce McAllister and Reggie Bush. Deuce brought a relentless pounding while Reggie’s speed and elusiveness gave him the potential of scoring from anywhere on the field.
Here is an excellent video that highlights just a little of that dynamic duo and shows some that production that would turn the New Orleans Saints into one of the most effective offensive units in NFL history. Thanks to OleMissCub for the upload.

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