Jim Taylor Scores Against the Steelers in 1967!

Jim Taylor, 1967 New Orleans Saints, scores against the Pittsburgh Steelers
Jim Taylor scores against the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1967

  The Great Jim Taylor scores against the Pittsburgh Steelers in this 1967 game. It was the second of the 2 touchdowns he scored during his lone season as a New Orleans Saint. It would be the last of his Hall of Fame career.

  Like the caption states the Saints had a 10-0 lead at halftime but the Steelers would came back in the 4th quarter with a 5-yard TD pass from Bill Nelson to J.R. Wilburn and a 33-yard scoring run by Don Shy.

  The picture above actually highlights a few names from New Orleans Saints History as well as Pittsburgh Steelers History. From left to right we see #50 – linebacker Bill Saul, #65 – defensive lineman Lloyd Voss, #34 – longtime Steelers linebacker Andy Russell and #78, defensive end John Baker. The 2 Saints at the far right are, #31 – Jim Taylor and directly behind him, #15 Quarterback Gary Cuozzo.

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