New Orleans Saints 1969 Uniform

A watercolor painting of the Saints 1969

The latest addition to our New Orleans Saint Art Category here at New Orleans Saints History.
To begin the 1969 NFL the Saints applied some changes to the uniforms. The pre-season started with the controversial all black helmets that were never sanctioned by the NFL. These helmets had a gold fleur di lis outlined in white and black-white-black center stripes. By the beginning of regular season though, the sanctioned gold helmets replaced had replaced the black ones. The home uniforms were black with white numerals and white & gold sleeve stripes while the away jerseys were white with black numerals and black & gold sleeve stripes.
Before the end of the 1969 season though, the uniforms were changed in recognition of the NFL’s 50th Anniversary. The uniforms for the final 9 games reflected the original 1967-1968 styles.

For the original prints of this series see the New Orleans Saints Uniform History at Heritage Sports.

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  • Saints 1969 Black Helmet
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