New Orleans Saints: 5 Biggest “Bright Spots” on the 2016 Roster

New Orleans Saints 2nd round draft pick receiver Michael Thomas
2nd Round Draft Pick Michael Thomas has shown real promise.

Ok, we are all in agreement that the 2016 New Orleans Saints season has turned into a total bust for us. Many of the same problems that plagued us the last couple of seasons are still there. But, on the bright side, some are not. The offensive line has played better than times past and in couple of games the running game actually carried the offense. And along those lines I think the receiving corps as a whole is finally beginning to have an identity.

One major improvement I don’t think should be over-looked is the fact the defense is improving. No, it’s not to the caliber of the Dome Patrol, but there has been a noticeable improvement from the last couple of seasons. has posted an article on 5 Saint Players that will give the Who Dat Faithful something to look forward to next season. Those players are:

  • Michael Thomas
  • Thomas Morestead
  • Cam Jordan
  • Dannell Ellerbe
  • Craig Robertson

Author: Barry Hirstius

As the New Orleans Saints face the Arizona Cardinals in the desert tomorrow at Glendale, Arizona just outside of the Phoenix city limits; most of the team’s dedicated and very passionate fan-base that will be watching the game from their television sets have already resolved themselves to the disappointment that comes with what appears to be yet another losing season.

The (5-8) Saints can still finish the 2016 season on a ‘high note” by finishing strong in their last 3 games, and try to even their record at (8-8) — a record that many analysts and observers actually predicted that they would finish with before the season started.

Despite the Saints’ disappointing season, there are plenty of reasons for optimism and hope for the future of this football team going forward, some of which the writers on our outstanding staff have presented to you over the course of the past few days.


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