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Saints’ Galette: Armstead is a “beast” August, 4, 2014Aug 410:00AM ETBy Mike Triplett |

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. – Earlier this week, I wrote about how much buzz is being generated by the New Orleans Saints’ second-year left tackle Terron Armstead. Well, you can count the guy who faces Armstead in practice every day among his biggest fans. Armstead “I’m going into my fifth year in the league, and I’ve played I think the best of the tackles there is in the league, and I’d put him up there,” Saints outside linebacker Junior Galette said. “His feet are incredible. I have to give him my all to get around him. I tell him all the time, ‘You’re a beast.’“Obviously he still has a lot of room for improvement, and so do I. But man, it’s iron sharpening iron. If I feel like I had a rough day, I could say, ‘Hey, this guy is pretty good too. He’s one of the better tackles.’ I can look at that in a positive light. … “I’m giving him everything I’ve got. Obviously I think he did pretty well [in Saturday’s scrimmage]. He’s upset about the one he gave up on me. But hey, I do what I do too.”Galette used that word “beast” several times, which I find appropriate since that was a popular term that Saints fans loved to use to described Galette when he was an up-and-coming young pass rusher. And Galette always got a kick out of it.Galette said he would encourage Armstead even when he was waiting his turn on the bench as a rookie last year behind previous starter Charles Brown. Armstead replaced Brown in Week 16 last season and improved rapidly in each of his four starts.“When he was on the sideline, I’d tell him, ‘Man, your time’s coming. Obviously, this guy’s not better than you.’ It always works like that,” Galette said. “Obviously, they gave Charles a chance, and he blew it. [Armstead] stepped in there. Obviously, he had a shaky game at first. Just with experience and going against me every day, we’re getting each other better. The sky’s the limit for him.”

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