The Agony of Defeat Shows on Saints Leader Billy Kilmer

Saints Quarterback Billy Kilmer after a loss in 1969
The pain of losing shows on the face of Billy Kilmer after a loss in 1969

Saints Quarterback Billy Kilmer

Losing is nothing new to the New Orleans Saints or it’s fans. There are countless stories of the years of losing and how it affected many a Saints player. The early Saints were mostly made up of cast-offs of other NFL and AFL teams that just wanted to prove that they had a place in professional football.  Year after year of minimal wins not only frustrated fans but also took it’s toll on the players. Evidence of that can be seen on Billy Kilmer’s face after a loss in 1969. By all accounts Kilmer was a fiery and emotionally competitive leader that always gave 110% on the field every game – win or loss. To his credit, Billy Kilmer would leave the Saints after the 1970 season and join the Washington Redskins. With Washington he would beat out long-time starter Sonny Jurgensen for the starting Quarterback slot and lead Washington to a Super Bowl in 1972. That same year he also made the Pro Bowl.

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