Joe Horn, New Orleans Saints Receiver 2000-2006

Joe Horn New Orleans Saints Receiver in 2000
Outspoken Saints Receiver Joe Horn

The pride and joy of Itawamba Junior College in Fulton Mississippi, Joe Horn was one of the most memorable New Orleans Saints Receivers of all time. Joining the Saints during Jim Haslett’s overhaul of the team in 2000 as a free agent, Joe horn played 7 seasons with the Saints and when he left in 2006 held just about every Saint’s receiving record at that time as well as representing the Saints in 4 Pro Bowl appearances.
Originally a 5th round draft pick in 1996, Horn spent 4 seasons with the Chiefs primarily as a back-up and special teams player before joining New Orleans in 2000. During his first season as a Saint though, he quickly became a favorite target of Quarterbacks Jeff Blake and Aaron Brooks and led the team in receiving that year. Likewise he led the team in receiving for the next 4 years and went to the Pro Bowl a total of 4 times while a Saint. He he set a new team record for most yards receiving in a season with 1399 in 2004.

One of the moments Saint’s fans will remember with Joe Horn will probably be “Touchdown CELL-ebration” against the New York Giants during a Sunday Night on ESPN in the Super Dome. Horn and then Saints Quarterback Aaron Brooks had just connected on a 13 yard strike. After the score Joe Horn’s proceeded to uncover a stashed cell phone from the padding around the goal-post and then began to make a phone call from the endzone – supposedly to his kids. Field officials were not amused as they accessed an unsportsman-like conduct penalty for excessive celebration while the NFL levied a $30,000 fine on Horn. As a side note Joe Horn had 9 catches that night for 133 yards and 4 Touchdowns in 45-7 route of the Giants.

Incidentally, I found an interesting interesting interview done with Joe Horn at The Football Girl on his life since leaving the NFL –  .. definitely worth a look.

Joe Horn’s Career Receiving Statistics with the New Orleans Saints

Catches Yards Average Longest TDs
2000* 94† 1340† 14.3 52 8†
2001* 83† 1265† 15.2 56 9†
2002* 88† 1312† 14.9 63 7
2003 78† 973† 12.5 50t 10†
2004* 94† 1399† 14.9 57 11†
2005 49 654 13.3 30 1
2006 37 679 18.4 72t 4
Totals 523 7622 14.6 72t 50
* – Pro Bowl
† – Led Team for Year

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