Rickey Jackson Gets a Big Hit On Jim Everett.

Rickey Jackson hits Rams QB Jim Everett in 1990
Rickey Jackson's hit of Jim Everett late in the 1990 4th quarter stopped a Rams drive that would have given LA the win.
Ram QB Jim Everett‘s pass attempted is foiled as Saint’s Hall of Fame linebacker Rickey Jackson gets a big hit on him late in the 4th quarter of the 1990 game between New Orleans and Los Angeles. The incomplete pass ended a Rams drive and helped preserve a 24-20 lead. This came on the last play of the game as LA had driven deep into Saint’s territory looking for a game-winning touchdown. The game had actually been extended as Jackson was offsides as time ran out on the previous play giving Everett and the Ram’s offense one more shot at pulling out a victory. Rickey made amends for his mistake here.
 At present NFL Hall of Famer Rickey Jackson remains the #1 All Time Saints Sack Leader with  115 “official” sacks. Unofficially he has 123. Cam Jordan, entering his 12th season with New Orleans has 107.
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