Saints and 49ers 1969 NFL Game of the Week

The Saints-49ers 1969 regular season game was highlighted as the NFL Game of the Week November 23 of that year. The Saints won the game 43-38, falling 21-0 early but rallying in the end to win. Danny Abramowicz ended up with 5 catches for 113 yards and 2 touchdowns and Tom Dempsey had 2 field goals. Andy Livingston (who would make the Pro-Bowl that year) had 83 yards on the ground while passing for 1 TD and running for another. The Saints ended year with a 5-9 record which was actually the best yet for a 3-year expansion team.

Thanks to galaxies352 for letting me post. If you enjoy New Orleans History, be sure to check out his You Tube Channel for plenty of old New Orleans memories.

2 thoughts on “Saints and 49ers 1969 NFL Game of the Week”

  1. Man, I LOVED THAT!!!
    Thanks SO MUCH for adding that. It was so fun to watch our Saints playing AND WINNING against the whiners,before I was even born
    So many names I had never heard of before.

    The announcer threw me off a bit by calling a reverse a “flea-flicker.”
    Man how times have changed.

  2. Chris Maggiore

    I was at that game. I was 10 yrs old. It was a cold overcast day. I remember it being a great game, we were yelling and screaming so much I think I lost my voice.

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