Saints – Eagles 1989 | Randal Cunningham Stopped by Sam Mills and Dave Waymer

Randal Cunningham is stopped by New Orleans Saints defenders Sam Mills, Dave Waymer and Gene Atkins
Sam Mills (on ground), Dave Waymer (#44) and Gene Atkins (#28) stop Randal Cunningham of the Eagles in 1989

Saints – Eagles 1989

In 1989, the New Orleans Saints finished with 3 impressive wins against 3 playoff bound teams – the Buffalo Bills, the the Philadelphia Eagles and the Indianapolis Colts. The picture above comes from the December 18 Monday Night Game against the Eagles. Saints quarterback as John Fourcade tossed 3 touchdowns while the Black and Gold defense came up big that night. The Dome Patrol registered 4 sacks against the Eagles All-Pro quarterback and forced 2 turnovers. The outstanding defensive effort did not go unnoticed  as New Orleans marched to a 30-20 prime-time win. The Saints finished the year with a 9 and 7 record. It was the third consecutive winning campaign for the Saints. And while fans may not appreciate significance it was pretty big stuff for us. We were a franchise that went 20 years without finishing a season with a winning record.

In our Saints History Picture above Eagles All-Pro Quarterback Randal Cunningham is stopped after being forced from the pocket by linebacker Sam Mills. Free Safety Dave Waymer (#44) goes airborne as Cunningham ducks to avoid him. Strong Safety Gene Atkins (#28} brings up support. Cunningham had 92 yards scrambling around but it wasn’t enough.
The New Orleans Saints of the late 80s and early 90s were known for the their ferocious defense play as we possessed one of the best defense in NFL history. Quite a contrast to defensive squads Saints fans had been accustomed in the past. Each year the defense ended up in the upper half – if not in the top 5 during those exciting times. Those last games of 1989 were evidence of what Saints fans could expect when out team was playing at the top of their capabilities.


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