Sources of Information for New Orleans Saints History

 As much as I wish I could say I came up with all this stuff off the top of my head, I can’t. This is a compilation of numerous sources of Saints Information and Trivia.

Sainternet……. The grand daddy of all Saints websites. Frank Serpas was the first to put game-by-game results on the web during the mid-90s, he also included a play-by-play account of several games during this period. Without a doubt, this was the first source of info and motivation for New Orleans  Saints History.

Books………..  From a literary viewpoint, they’re not many books written on the Saints. But the ones I have found, have been invaluable. The Saga of the Saints by Wayne Mack, Christian Serpas’s The New Orleans Saints, 25 years of Heroic Effort and Tales from the Saints Sidelines by Jeff Duncan have produced an enormous amount of data and pictures.

A great deal of the roster and statistical information was obtained from The Sports Encyclopedia: Pro Football series. While Pro Football has been a incredible source of historical statistical data along with

Some other sources not to be overlooked are various websites. The Forum members of Whodat Zone, Saints Report and Saints Revolution have all contributed bits and pieces to the whole.

To all these I say Thank you for your time and Effort


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