The “Unofficial” All-Time New Orleans Saints Sack Leaders List

 The NFL didn’t start recording sacks as an official metric until 1982, so these records must be taken with that in mind. Pro Football Reference has made an effort to compile these records for defensive players from those early season and I’ve gathered up the results for our Saints.
 Overall the list doesn’t differ much from the Saint’s official list as far as the top players are concerned. Rickey Jackson is still #1. But the un-official list does add to Rickey’s – as well as Frank Warren and Jim Wilks sack totals.
 One player that does make his way onto the Top 10 list is long-time defensive tackle Derland Moore.  Moore, a 13-year veteran with the Saints, played the majority of his time in the 1970s. He comes in at #10 with an unofficial total of 48 sacks.

Saints Sack Leaders (pre-1982 results added)

Saints All-Time Sacks
1Rickey Jackson♣1981-1993123.0195LOLB1
2Cameron Jordan2011-2022108.5180LE 
3Wayne Martin1989-199982.5171LDE1
4Pat Swilling1986-199276.5107ROLB 
5Will Smith2004-201267.5139RDE1
6Frank Warren1981-199456.0189DE1
7Joe Johnson1994-200150.5106RDE 
8La’Roi Glover1997-200150.079RDT 
9Jim Wilks1981-199349.0183RDE 
10Derland Moore1973-198548.0170RDT 
11Charles Grant2002-200947.0118LDE1
12Darren Howard2000-200544.581LDE 
13Renaldo Turnbull1990-199644.5104RDE 
14Elois Grooms1975-198142.599LDE1
15Bruce Clark1982-198839.5102LDE1
16Joe Owens1971-197538.070RDE1
17Bob Pollard1971-197737.092LDE 
18Elex Price1973-198032.0103LDT 
19Junior Galette2010-201431.564DE2
20Doug Atkins♣1967-196930.039RDE 
21Jumpy Geathers1984-198926.080DE 
22Willie Whitehead1999-200624.5105DE 
23Mark Fields1995-200023.093RLB 
24Whitney Paul1982-198523.055ROLB 
25Marcus Davenport2018-202221.552DE 
26Trey Hendrickson2017-202020.045DE 
27Richard Neal1969-197820.056RDE 
28David Onyemata2016-202218.593DT 
29Keith Mitchell1997-200118.579LLB 
30Demario Davis2018-202218.068OLB 
31Sheldon Rankins2016-202017.563DT 
32Roman Harper2006-201617.0124SS 
33Don Reese1978-198017.042DT 
34Mike Tilleman1967-197017.056LDT 
35Dave Rowe1967-197016.556RDT 
36Charlie Clemons2001-200214.032MLB 
37Billy Newsome1973-197414.027LDE 
38Tony Elliott1982-198813.084NT 
39Brady Smith1996-199913.062RDE 
40Sedrick Ellis2008-201212.570RDT 
41Vaughan Johnson1986-199312.0120RILB 
42Brian Young2004-200812.064DT 
43Reggie Lewis1982-198411.534DE 
44Darion Conner1994-199410.516ROLB 
45Sam Mills1986-199410.5133LILB 
46Jared Tomich1997-200010.055DE 
47Jim Kovach1979-19859.583RILB 
48Carl Granderson2019-20229.542DE 
49Norman Hand2000-20029.044LDT 
50Grady Jackson2002-20039.022LDT 
51Mike Fultz1977-19808.549DT 
52Dave Long1969-19728.554RDE 
  • ♣ – Hall of Fame Member
  • “Bold Text” – Still Active
Frank Warren
Pat Swilling sacks Dan Marino in 1992
Pat Swilling
Derland Moore 1982 New Orleans Saints Topps Football Card #409
Derland Moore

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