Top 10 All-Time Saints Leaders – Most Passing Yards in a Career

Drew Brees remains the All-Time Passing Leader for the New Orleans Saints in virtually every category. It’s going to be a long time before anybody tops the Saints All-Time Career Passing Yard mark. As of the conclusion of the 2020 NFL season and the retirement of Drew, that mark is 68,10 passing yards. At present he is also the NFL’s All-Time Passing Yards Leader as well with 80,358. 

Player Yards Years
Drew Brees 68,010 2006-2020
Archie Manning 21,734 1971-1982
Aaron Brooks 19,156 2000-2005
Bobby Hebert 14,630 1985-1992
Jim Everett 10,622 1994-1996
Billy Kilmer 7490 1967-1970
Dave Wilson 6987 1981-1987
Steve Walsh 3879 1988-1991
Kenny Stabler 3670 1982-1985
Billy Joe Tolivar 3343 1998-1999
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4 thoughts on “Top 10 All-Time Saints Leaders – Most Passing Yards in a Career”

  1. I’m researching the Saints and their famous black helmets. I need to learn as much about the Saints 1969 pre-season as is possible ( # of pre-season games, against who, and where and white or dark jersey in respective games). Also any photo history of these games, particularly in the white jersey and preferably the color photos. Are there also film footages of the preseason games? I’m creating a early New Orleans Saints history display and need as many artifacts as possible, thank you, I will eagerly await your response,bye and GO SAINTS

  2. Gregg,
    I confess my knowledge of those black helmets is somewhat limited.

    If I understand correctly, John Mecom Jr, owner of the Saints at the time, issued black helmets to the team that had not been sanctioned by the NFL. The Saints played 3 games with those black helmets against (I think) Atlanta, Houston and Detroit.

    But, you’ve given me an idea for a new post. I do have a few pics from the game against Detroit I can share.

    If you’d like to share what you know or what you find out about I’d love for you to include it here.

  3. 1969 Saints pre-season:
    8/9 – @SanDiego
    8/16 – @Denver
    8/23 – Pittsburg @Tigers St
    8/30 – Atlanta (Tulane)
    9/6 – Houston (Tulane)
    9/12 – @Detroit
    I have seen photos of last 3 games in black helmets, who has images or knowledge of first 3 games ? Of special interest is Denver game because Saints won 28-22, thanks

  4. Thanks Greg,
    The picture above is from the Houston Game. If you look at my 1969 Statistics page it has a picture from the Detroit game. I have some other pics from that Detroit game, but really the quality is pretty poor. I may post those in the future. There is a picture on in the picture gallery from the Atlanta Game. (I’ve basically been told I can’t post it here). I know there’s one of running back Tom Barrington against San Diego somewhere.

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