Top 10 Saints Defensive Players of All-Time

Sam Mills of the New Orleans Saints
Sam Mills New Orleans Saints Linebacker 1986-1994

Another article in the All-Time Saints Players Series at This time it covers the All-Time Best Defensive Players in New Orleans Saints History and it lists some of the defensive greats we have. And while I agree totally with Barry Hirstius I wish the list could have included a couple of other names like Linebacker Joe Federspiel and NFL Legend Doug Atkins but hey, you can only have so many.

Those Saints listed are:
Frank Warren
Derland Moore (glad to see he got some love)
Vaughan Johnson
Jim Wilks
Wayne Martin
Pat Swilling
Sammy Knight
Sam Mills
Tommy Myers (again, another old school warrior that deserves some recognition)
and Rickey Jackson

Top 10 Saints Defensive Players of All-Time

Now — we come up to the top Saints defensive players of All-Time.

Please keep in mind: this is the Top 10 Defensive Players at ALL positions, whether it was on the defensive line, in the secondary, or at linebacker.
As it is, I’m almost certain that younger fans will be screaming at me because Will Smith, Jonathan Vilma, or Tracy Porter aren’t on this list; but it takes more than just winning a Super Bowl or having had ONE good season, to get on this list.

This is a list for 48 years worth of New Orleans Saints football, not just the last 5 years.

So if you’re one of those younger fans, this is a chance to educate yourself and learn about the players who came before your favorites of today — the players who laid the foundation for today’s young men in the Black and Gold.

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at the Top 10 Saints Defensive Players of All-Time……….

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