WhoDatZone Gets A New Look

WhoDatZone Saints forum gets a new look

 One of the best things about the modern internet is the ability for people of like minds to interact and communicate with each others. And so it is for us New Orleans Saints fans. Saints Fan forums are some of the best places for Saints fans to congregate and discuss Saints football all year long. And while there are several New Orleans Saints forums out there, the one that is probably the most near and dear to my heart is WhoDatZone. There is always interesting and insightful conversation going on with plenty of opportunity for you to give your opinions. The moderators there are also diligent to make sure that everybody plays nice and conversations don’t get out of hand. New members are treated with great courtesy.
 I think one thing I have always loved about this forum and their members is that while all are die-hard WhoDats, there is a noticeable lack of “Homerism”. By that I mean by that is the members take off the Saints-glasses and look at our beloved Saints with an honest and critical eye. But it’s all done without ranting and raving. Seriously something Saints fans need to experience sometimes.
 What I want to bring to everyone’s attention is that WhoDatZone.com has recently received a re-design. The new Saints Forum now brings several new features to make Saints conversation even more enjoyable. There is definitely something there for every Saints fan. Tons of Saints football to take in while plenty of opportunities for you to contribute to being heard. All updated and upgraded for your conversational enjoyment!
 So, again. If you’ve been looking for a new place to enjoy New Orleans Saints Football or you’ve been looking for a Saints Fan forum to call home I invite to check out WhoDatZone.com . I really think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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